When should I expect to receive my product in the mail?

Shipping usually takes 7-14 business days. Once your order has been processed you should receive a confirmation email. If you need to change your shipping address or any other information to ensure that you receive your products please email us at: store@answermovement.com

What happens when I purchase a digital product?

After you purchase your digital product, you will receive a link from us in your checkout process and via email. You will have 5 attempts to download the product you purchased (we do this to help should you make a mistake). If you have an issue with your digital product, email us at store@answermovement.com

Be advised that our products are designed so that you download them to your computer first. When you do this, you are always able to access your product. If you need help or assistance with the download process, we are here to help you.

Is my credit card and information secured when I purchase?

We use nothing but the best software to ensure that our customer’s information is secured. We also provide you the opportunity to purchase through paypal should you feel as though that’s a safer option.

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