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There are times in our careers, personal lives, ministries, and daily encounters where we feel as though God won’t use us again. Have you ever found yourself wondering why you made the mistake you made? Why did you fall into temptation? Will God take your gift? The reality is that while some mistakes are easier to move from, others can be damaging to careers, families, friends, and even ourselves. These issues can cause mental, physical, and emotional breakdowns. The really good news is that God will use you, even after your mistakes. In fact, God wants to use you. Let thi...

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Merry Christmas to everyone! We hope that you enjoy your family during this Holiday season and that you have an opportunity to relax and reflect.

This week I want to share a biblical approach to discovering your identity. I speak out of transparency when I say that early in my ministry, I struggled with identity. The truth is, many of us struggle with having an Identity Crisis. In this video I will address this idea by providing God’s view on identifying who you are along with how to move towards creating a healthy identity. Thanks for joining!

Hey Family,

I hope that your week has been amazing. As we approach the advent season, it is my prayer that each of you enjoy time spent with family, friends, and loved ones. Listen, if you haven’t gotten your tickets to The Answer Conference 2017, hurry and get over to answerconference.com to secure your seat. Tickets are going really fast.

Well this week I want to close the Dream segment with asking you a question-If you had enough money or resources to start you dream, are you prepared to launch? This is a very critical question as it will help you truly consider how ready you are to show the world. I want to give you some principles on how to get prepared to launch your God given drea...

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Hey Family,

Welcome back to FAQ Friday! We are really excited about The Answer Conference 2017. If you haven’t purchased your tickets you can do so at answerconference.com. We have some really special rates for all of you that will expire soon. Take advantage of the early bird special!

As I continue with this idea of Dreaming big! I want to give you 4 things not to do while you’re waiting on your dream to be fulfilled. Your dreams may experience delay, but don’t fret. These principles will help you handle the delay. Hope you enjoy!

FAQ Friday is here and I’m excited to share some of the Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions with you. The support continues to come in via email and so many individuals are contacted us sharing how FAQ Friday has helped them. If you have something to share or simply want us to address an issue you may be having email us at FAQ@answermovement.com. We would love to hear from you.

For the past few weeks I have been dealing with Dreams. As I continue with helping you develop the dream God has given you, I want to share with you how to deal with the negative attacks. Know that your dream will constantly come under attack. In this video, I want to share some of my personal experiences o...

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Hey Family! Welcome to FAQ Friday. Listen, we are months away from The Answer Conference, which will take place February 4-5, 2017 in Houston, Texas. Mark your calendars as this year’s conference is going to be the best yet. If you’ve ever experienced The Answer Conference you know that we hear from some of the most influential people in the world.

This week I want to continue my thoughts around pursuing your dreams and God-given purpose in life. Specifically, I speak about Making The Decision. It is important that you pray and ask God to help you understand the plan he has for you. After that has been revealed, you have to make the decision. I want to help you with that. Hope you...

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Welcome back to FAQ Friday! It’s so good to speak with you all. The next few weeks I want to speak about “THE DREAM.” Are you willing to embrace what God has created us to do? Do you know what God created you to do? Do you hear God speaking to you about the dream for your life? This week I speak about how to hear the voice of God. It is so important that you pursue the purpose God has for you. It can be difficult to hear from God when you are not in the right position. I want to help you hear from God better so that you can embrace what God has created you to do. I hope you enjoy this week’s FAQ Friday! God Bless!

Welcome to FAQ Friday. I am so excited about this opportunity to bring you Answers to life’s biggest questions. So many people continue to pour in support on how FAQ Friday and The Answer Movement has helped them. As many of you know, we highlight some of the best leaders in the country to help you in the area of leadership. This week Jewel Tankard is our very special guest. In this video Jewel, of Bravo’s hit reality series “Thicker Than Water,” speaks about what it takes to truly fight for your dreams! Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Welcome to FAQ Friday. I am super excited and amazed at how many people have been blessed by FAQ Friday. Listen, if this is your first FAQ Friday video, we want to say thank you for joining and we look forward to interacting with you. One of the ways you can connect with us is by email us at FAQ@answermovement.com. We have a lot going on and want to keep you informed. My wife Torsha and I are pleased to announce our brand new course The Answer Experience. If you are married, single, seriously dating, or engaged, The Answer Experience will be a course that you can benefit from. For information Click Here.

Well this week I want to wrap up the idea of developing a winning spirit. The reality is ...

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Hey FAQ Friday Family! Welcome to those of you who are joining for us for the first time. I’m beyond excited about continuing this topic of Winning and developing a winning spirit. We have gotten a number of responses sent to us about how FAQ Friday is helping in a variety of areas. If you would like to drop a question or comment to us or simply want us to speak on a specific topic, email FAQ@answermovement.com.

So far we have dealt with Desire and discipline as two important traits leaders should possess. As I continue this segment on Winning, this week I want to speak about Determination. In addition, if you want to be great you must develop a willingness to keep running even when you...

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